The benefits of our raised beds.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is very rewarding, there is nothing like your own freshly picked, tasty home-grown produce. With our re-useable grow-beds it is also far cheaper than buying your veg and salad from the supermarket .

The benefits of ‘Raised Bed Gardening’ have long been established. Raised beds drain well, warm earlier and are ideal for gardeners with otherwise poor soil or limited space. Less able bodied gardeners also find raised beds are well suited to their needs.

To the right is a picture of 4 bags in a group, making a bed that will fit into an area of only 64″ x 42″ and considering our beds are only £5.95 each the 4 beds cost only £23.80, you will see just how cost effective this type of raised beds are. Even with very limited space you can create a productive garden. In the photos in this listing all of the bags were grown outdoors on our patio or on paths in our garden. The beauty of this type of raised bed is that you can arrange them to fit any size of area.

I must admit that prior to doing the growing trials with these grow beds, I had never grown anything before! My father was an avid gardener and I had forgotten just how good freshly picked fruit and veg tasted. Our grow-beds can of course also be used in your greenhouse.


Re-useable Broadland Raised Beds

Made from tough woven polypropylene with drainage holes in the sides and base

* Extra large size W 80 x D 54 x H 30cm (32” x 21” x 12”) that is a big 130 ltr capacity

* 12″ – 30cm depth which is ample to give healthy root growth

* Extra depth means you can grow a larger variety of vegetables, salads and fruits

* Fitted with 4 strong handles making them easy to move

* Sleeves around the top so you can re-inforce them with canes for extra rigidity

* Re-usable so you can use them year after year

* Before the next growing season dig in 50g of “Miracle Grow continuous release plant food” or  similar.

* Can be arranged in any layout to fit your garden

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